About Us

Our mission is to provide Quality Education with maximum resources at minimum cost across all sections of society

What We're All About

The Sri Satyam Senior Secondary School is Established to Impart quality education to the children of all sections at affordable price.

The school has been initiated and established by, Mr. Dharam Chand Gupta. The school is helped and guided by noted individuals namely Sri Rama Shankar Gupta, Sri Krishna Kumar and Sri Chandrakant Jaiswal.

The Sri Satyam Senior Secondary School is Established to Impart quality education to the children of all sections at affordable price. Besides imparting formal academic education, the Children are groomed and trained along the lines of Indian culture and value.

Class I - V

English, Hindi, Assamese, Mathematics, EVS, Art Education, General Studies, Value Education, Work Experience and Computer Science.


At present the students are prepared for Classes I to X. The courses of studies are:
Class VI - X

English, Hindi, Assamese, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, General Studies, Art Education, Value Education, Work Experience, Physical Education and Computer Science.


To ensure co-operation and healthy relationship among members of staff, the teaching faculty has been divided into various departments related to the subjects, headed by the subject coordinators at the Primary, Middle and Senior Level. The subject coordinators train the faculty members about the division of syllabus as per the examination scheduled, change in syllabus, teaching methodology and setting of standard question papers. The academic performance and progress of weak, average and above average students are maintained and remedial measures are taken accordingly.


Along with the teaching staff we also have a great team of non-teaching staff, who are always ready to assist us with all enthusiasm. We have care takers for the junior sections who take real good care of your child with all the necessary care. The transportation team takes care of your child's safety while travelling from home to school and vice-versa.


Sri Satyam School has the following infrastructures and more: School buildings, Classrooms, playgrounds, and Libraries are the essential aspect
of infrastructure available in the school. Well-equipped labs help to perform lab activities more effectively. We give top priority to safeguard
the students and round-the-clock surveilance of the campus is covered eith CCTVs.


The school library is a reservoir of books. It has a rich collection of books on a variety of subjects such as science, maths, history, literature and fiction, reference books etc.


Audio - visual teaching helps students for conceptual clarification of subjects. School takes this car by conducting visual classes where necessary.


The School provides Bus facilities for its children from the school to their home and vice versa against a monthly payment to Bus fees as per the distance from the school.


Analyzing the Importance of IT in today's world the computer literacy is imparted with great care both practically and theoretically. The computer lab has computers whereby, the students get the practical knowledge.


School has composite Laboratory for biology, chemistry and Physics. The laboratories meet all the requirements of the students. All the facilities and effective measures are taken care of while students perform experiments in these laboratories.


Sports and PT (Regularly In winter) are organized to promote the overall physical development of students. The school has a big field where the physical development of the students are taken care of. The students have the privilege to play games like football, cricket, badminton, etc. School also has facilities for Indoor games.


Parent-Teacher Meeting are held after the completion of examination on Open Day. The dates of these meetings date are informed by prior notice. Parents are expected to discuss the progress and performance of their wards with the class teacher and the subjects teachers on these Open Days. Special care is being taken for class X students. They may have certain tests depending on the completion of the course whereby parents too are expected to be present for the discussion of their child’s performance in these tests and what special care needs to be taken thereafter.


School follows the path of the oldest board of education CBSE established since 1929 and reconstituted in 1962 to meet educational objectives for better society and nation. The school has proportionate number of experienced and trained teacher. A good care is being taken to prepare the student for exam and periodical meetings with parent are held to discuss the academic performance and general behavior of the student so that a proper care can be taken to support the child to reach his/her full potential.


To provide an opportunity to students to develop comradeship & leadership qualities, they are exposed to the outside world by talking them out for picnic/excursion. Students of all classes are encouraged to go on these trips.


The Exam System: Our School Examination Cell has systematized method of conducting exams with elaborate & well planned exam system. For continuous assessment of academic performance of students, the following Examinations and Tests are scheduled in an academic year and the final result is based on the cumulative record of the student.